Bollywood Dance Fusion

& Women's Wellness

"Kiran this is a kick! Just terrific. To see you moving and sweeping and bumping and grinding as we are figure out our own individual ways to stay home stay safe shelter in place."~Sandy, 3/31/20

"OMG !!! you are so good :) you might actually get me to move  :).....My daughter and I are doing your 4 min a day Bollywood. Super mood elevating. 

Love seeing you every day in my living room.....I just love having you in my house everyday, I wish you could see us work a sweat with those
Indian songs, today was a doozy....I can't tell you how much fun you bring us, my daughter in SF and I dance together every morning at 9:30 
to start our day :)))) now my daughter in UK wants the link, you are amazing :)"~Yonat, 3/31/20-4/6/20

"The familiarity of the tunes and the moves is fun and comforting at the same time. And it just feels good to move! I just forwarded to friends who I have told about your class and know how much I loved it. It is so wonderful to see you in these videos! I really miss you, your presence, your spirit."~Nancy, 4/5/20

“Kiran’s Bollywood Dance Fusion’s dance movements allow you to dance joyfully at a pace that is comfortable for you. No one is out of step and everyone leaves feeling a bit tired but happy.”~Sharon O. 5/21/18

"If you're looking for an opportunity to express yourself through movement in a supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental way then look no more. This class had me smiling the entire time and getting a workout in the process. How many classes can you honestly say that about?!? Kiran is what every instructor should be." ~Elizabeth T. 5/11/18

"Bollywood classes with Kiran are fun, therapeutic, magical, a great workout, and a way to connect with your inner feminine diva. The only experience of its kind in the world, I do believe. The music is fabulous, Kiran is warm and encouraging, it's a totally non-judgmental environment, and you really can work out your "issues" through dance!" ~Prajna C. 4/24/18

"Kiran has a joyful, loving spirit that comes through in her lessons. It was a BLAST being in her classes! Can't wait to join her again!" ~Carol W. 4/22/18

"I just wanted to wish you a happy, peaceful holiday season and thank you for the gift of Bollywood Dance in 2015. Looking forward to much more in 2016!" -12/23/15

"so grateful to have found you and your class this year!  :)  look forward to dancing with you again in january!" -12/17/15

"Free flowing dancing is the best way to express happiness, relieve stress and burn some calories. Love the class and love the instructor-Kiran-even more." -12/15/15

"I loved the time moving my body, feeling the energy shifting, and the sense of community you fostered among us. Thank you dear one for sharing your passion for dance with us." -12/15/15

"You are such a source of joy and healing in my life.  I can’t begin to tell you how many things shift when you work your magic and help us to allow ourselves to dance, which somehow seems to be a direct channel to the soul. With deepest gratitude and love." -10/26/15

"Thank you again for such an amazing weekend!"-10/24/15

"Thank you again for an amazing, eye opening, heart felt weekend!!" -10/12/2015

"Thanks so much, Kiran, for taking the time out of your schedule to play with us!  We love you so much, and you KNOW that you impacted my life when I needed to find you most!!!  I will be sincerely forever grateful to you for helping me find my inner Bollywood-self!  It makes my parents so happy to know that I am spending some time revisiting my Indian start in life."-10/11/15

"It was fun and heartfelt to dance with you Friday night...and hope you will return...I appreciate the light and love you bring..."-10/11/2015

"I want to express my gratitude to you for coming to my center for your classes. I love what they do for my soul and really love what it does for my beautiful mom. You are amazing and I'm thankful for you!"-11/18/14

"Thank you, Kiran, for the awesome Bollywood Dance / Fusion / Therapy / Workout / Girls' Time yesterday! I kid you not...I was lying in bed last night, completely exhausted, and my hips started shaking side to side. I'm just a slow learner! LOL"-11/17/14

"Bollywood was amazing! I'm a permanent fan of all things Kiran!!"-11/17/14

"I was feeling terrific....But mostly I feel so honored to have taken this leap of faith and come to Bollywood dance...!  You are magical and I love your dancing!  I was watching your hands today and they are so lovely.  I also watched you move your neck quit a bit and I really really want to do that!"- 6/13/2013

"So happy happy happy I found you! Much more fun than work!"-6/2013

"A wonderful chance to be myself!" -6/2013

"I feel nimble and young just by watching Kiran. Love the exercise." -6/2013

"From my brain to yours, found my bliss..." -6/11/2013

"Love the community and the exercise that doesn't feel like work!" -6/10/2013

"Your Fusion class always leaves me with an incredible balance of mind and body. It's probably as good as Prozac, Kiran." -1/31/2013
"Thanks so so much for today!!! What a perfectly wonderful outing. It will linger in my memory like a big smile you can’t wipe off your face!!!" -11/18/2012

"Beautiful dance with the lights and cooperative blanket. I was absolutely moved!! I have never experienced something as beautiful in dance.:)" -6/2012

"Bollywood Fusion and KiRAN and the gals are my DRUG OF CHOICE!!" -6/2012

"Bollywood and your exuberant teaching has given me back freedom of movement in my core. Thank you. OXO" -2/28/2012

"Love this class. Sets up harmony in my week and allows for me to go within! And dance, dance, dance *" -2/28/2012

"I started taking the class during a very difficult time, and my spirits have lifted to a whole new level to help me connect to my own inner spirit. Kiran is a joy and compassionate leader! Highly recommend this class." -2/27/2012

"Wow, for someone who has never even taken a dance class, Kiran is phenomenal at modeling and making us feel uninhibited and free to move! Awesome." -2/27/2012

"A wonderful combination of energetic exotic music, fancy footwork and artistic arm movement. So much fun!" -2/27/2012

"Thanks for your wonderful classes -- they are such "feel good" classes!  I'm always in such a good mood when I leave.  Thank you!" -10/18/11

"I so love your class and enjoy your loving energy, I just couldn't miss being there for the first day." -4/22/11

"Kiran, Your classes make me feel so joyful and full of energy. You give us a chance to be totally self-expressive in a friendly, nurturing environment. You encourage everyone to get a feel for the movements, music and rhythms, whatever their physical limitations. Thank you! Ann Baldwin PhD, Physiologist and Reiki Master" -3/21/2011

"Bollywood Dance Fusion with Kiran is pure joy - music, movement and play.  Treat yourself, and sign up for a class.  Joanne Sorenson, LCSW" -3/20/2011

"I loved the class!!! I looked forward to it all week. I have a high stress job and it helps me release all the stress and just move! Also the caliber of ladies that attend the class are awesome. I made some friends and it was a great sense of community and we all worked together really well! G was really sweet too and made me a cd with all the Bollywood songs so I can jam out outside of class! It was so awesome and thoughtful. You are an amazing teacher and person! You have enhanced my life and I look forward to the next session. I will be bringing friends!" -3/18/2011

"Kiran, I am really grateful to have found you. When I moved to Tucson from MI I felt so lonely but now I don't for I have found what a change it makes to be part of your bollywood fusion." -12/2010

"Kiran-Bollywood Makes my week!" -12/2010

"I take Bollywood classes weekly with Kiran and love her! Her classes are amazingly motivating and therapeutic. It is an hour of girl power and confidence building. It sounds dramatic but it has truly changed the way I feel about myself and improved my confidence. I very much recommend the classes." -10/27/2010

"REALLY enjoyed class last night, I even did the routine we learned for my husband and daughter last evening...harder without the music and others to watch, but it's a great experience. Look forward to next week" -10/19/2010

"I'm really loving your Bollywood classes.  I feel like I am getting a great workout, the dancing and the music are great, and the positive energy is infectious!  I look forward to the class every week... I'm hooked!"-10/3/2010

"You have no idea how miserable I was missing class. I have really grown to love the class and as I said day one it isn't something I would normally do or enjoy. 
I think you have an amazing gift and we are so lucky to have a teacher like you.... I am inspired :)" -10/1/2010

"the - dance went incredibly well - the audience and the outfit brought out the performer in me and i really got into it. i got tons of compliments. i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get there. i couldn't have done it without you! i'll  send you the video when i have it so you can see your talent as a teacher in action!"-9/2/2010

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful class last night. I am totally excited about the upcoming weeks and can't wait to learn more Bollywood. I found your energy, carefree attitude and positive vibe really refreshing and empowering. Thanks again." -8/2010

"Thank you so much. This has been therapeutic and empowering and fun. I looked forward to Mondays for Bollywood classes. You are a great teacher." -5/17/10

"Thank you again for a great workout each week where we all got to have fun~ and we burnt calories too!" -5/17/10

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn how to dance like no one is watching! Your energy, patience & encouragement makes me feel like a beautiful bollywood heroine. Now if we could just get Shah Rukh Khan here....a girl can dream right?! See you soon! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You." -3/22/10

"I have really enjoyed having to use my brain, and listen, and react to music with rhythms different to what I am used to. It is a lovely experience! (Alzeimer's Prevention....:)). Thank You. You, especially, are a great + amusing teacher." -3/22/10

"I have had so much fun in this class that I am coming for the next class. You are such a great teacher-combining your dance talent with good humor. Thank you for choosing good music too! This class also provided me with the extra exercise I needed. The good thing was it didn't feel like exercise." -3/22/10

"I just wanted to tell you that I had a blast night at your class. I really enjoyed myself.  My sister and I look forward to the next 7 weeks! " -10/6/09

"This Workshop ROCKED!!" -7/25/09

"Wonderful program. Exceeded my expectations." - 7/25/09

"Very friendly & nurturing, an excellent cardio-vascular workout + Dance Creativity." -7/21/09

"It was a great safe place for expression."- 7/8/09

"Something new!" -6/10/09

"It was a great class! Had a wonderful time!" -6/10/09

"The choreography and seeing everyone working and dancing in unison was inspiring." -5/29/07

"I had fun while exercising." -5/29/07

"A very gentle first class experience; makes me want to take more dance!" -5/29/07

"Fun, relaxation, fitness, YES! You are a FABULOUS teacher-Lighthearted, fun, skilled + full of smiles."- 4/26/07

"Everyone was very friendly-so there was a sense of community. Your style of dance is different then what I have learned before. Great class!" -4/26/07

"It has been a fantastic experience. I truly enjoyed learning the various dance moves. It was nice to have/learn structured routines and also have relaxed + improv dance time." -4/26/07


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