Bollywood Dance Fusion

and Women's Wellness

So, what is Bollywood Dance, anyway???

Bollywood Dance is a fusion of Western and South Asian types of dance that are exemplified in Indian cinema and theater. Bollywood is basically the "Hollywood of Bombay," now known as Mumbai, and is the largest producer of movies a year in the world right now. I like to think of most Indian movies as a musical with playback singers, where sometimes the music, and dance, are more important and more popular than the movie story line itself- And thus the magic that is Bollywood Dance!

Bollywood dance is an eclectic mix of all that is old and new traditional and modern, hip hop and  salsa, R&B and trance-which is why it is the right fit for mostly anyone! :)

As for me, Kiran? I have been dancing, choreographing and teaching Indian modern fusion dance for over 25 years . I also have some formal training in ballet and jazz and am certified in Nia Dance as a White Belt. 

All this experience plus my work as a mental health therapist (I am a practicing licensed clinical social worker in my other life :)), diversity trainer and educater, allows me to make your Dance adventure a fuller more meaningful  diverse experience, a mixture of dance and therapy for both the body and mind. I emphasize safety and self care, I encourage women to share and release stress and to enjoy the movement without inhibition. My students learn about a different culture, have a lot of fun, find a place to relax and feel supported, and get a great cardio workout all at the same time.

Bollywood Dance Fusion™  is a healing movement modality with one simple idea; that if you move and groove to music that inspires you, and connect with your body in a joyful meaningful way, you will be well on your way to health and healing, wellness and recovery!

I have performed at family functions and weddings, community and school programs, and on local TV networks in Ghana. I have provided dance workshops at Tucson Medical Center, AZ State University School of Social Work, social service agencies, and local libraries all around Tucson. I currently work with women recovering from substance abuse, and people healing from heart disease, and offer them Bollywood Dance Fusion™ as a fun way to reconnect with their bodies and their spirit.

I also teach many dance workshops and seminars all around town, and of course the best of all, I offer a fabulous Bollywood Dance series 3 to 4 times a year that will get you grooving and sashaying your beautiful sexy selves to a rhythm that can be magical and a workout that makes you sweat and laugh all at the same time!!!

So come check out a class or a workshop! I look forward to dancing with you soon!!! :)




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